Instead of looking at the screen, what I want to do
is turn around and look the other way. When we look
the other way, what we see is a little hole at the top
of the wall with some light coming out. That’s where
I want to go. I want to steal the key to the projectionist’s
booth, and then, when everybody has gone home, I want
to break in. And what you find there is a meta-system.

It’s a system of wheels that can generate anything you want
–Bambi, Rambo, Close Encounters…That’s my next project:
I would like to play with the projector. One way to do that
would be to interfere with the phenomenon itself. I think if
you did that you would force it to react…If it’s a control-system,
then there is a feedback loop somewhere. Once you find the
feedback loop, then you can screw around with it.

–Jaques Vallee