Calling Mister Oswald with the swastika tattoo
There’s a vacancy waiting in the English voodoo
Carving V for vandal on the guilty boy’s head
when he’s had enough of that
maybe you’ll take him to bed

Oswald & his sister are doing it again
they’ve got the finest home movies
that you have ever seen
a thousand variations
every service with a smile
they’re gonna take a little break
and they’ll be back after a while
Well, I hear that South America
is coming into style

A pistol was smoking
A man lay on the floor
Mister Oswald said
he had an understanding
with the law
…heard about a couple
living in the USA
traded in their baby
for a Chevrolet
Let’s talk about the future
now that we’ve put the past away

Everything means less than Zero-Zero

Elvis Costello