October 2009

Dawn breaks across the delta with only
the south-east peninsula to bridge it.


Holding on with both eyes
to things that don’t exist
Peering thru the cutting wrist
at grand old Mother Greedy
Rolling out the cotton ship
upon the carpet pillow
throttling children callously
a messy day with Clancy

Rolling out the golden robes
another foreign language
Stretching out the verbs and nouns
together in a greeting
Some that felt the blade often
some deep confused emotion
Stuck eye first against the wall
of china under fire

John Cale

The Emperor of Scent (wotta card!)

Lifting the Luca Turin shroud…

With mistletoe and candle green
to halloween we go
Ten murdered oranges
bled on board ship
lend comedy to shame
The cattle graze bold uprightly
seducing down the door
to saddle swords & meeting place
we have no place to go

Now the Swan it floated on the English river
Ah, the Rose of high romance it opened wide
A sun-tanned woman yearned me
through the summer
and the judges watched us
from the other side…

Should rumor of a shabby ending reach you
it was half my fault and half the atmosphere

Let’s go join the parade to be lost
children jumping head over heels
higher & higher, hold your breath
we’re going underground, falling

Devil, Angel & Epicurian, let’s go!

Buck-Tick Alice in Wonder Underground

Why do you ride
that crazy horse?
Inquires the shadow
with little remorse
Just then a priest
comes down the stairs
with a sack of dreams
and old nightmares

Who are you? the rider says
you dress in black
but you talk like a Fed
You spout ideas
from the books you’ve read…

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